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Timeline to receive RVP

Timeline to receive RVP

Timeline to receive RVP is different, depends of citizenship. Citizens of CIS countries, who are provided with visa-free entry to Russia, receive RVP much faster. As a rule, the migration service makes its decision as early as the 2-nd or 3-rd month. This is a due to a number of international agreements concluded between countries. 


Price for RVP (Temporary residence permit)


Timeline to receive RVP for citizens of visa-entry countries

Documents of citizens of visa entry countries are considered longer and it takes at least 4 month to receive it. But practice shows that due to receive RVP can reach up to 6 month.

Timeline of consideration of documents to receive RVP in general order

Those foreign citizens who apply for RVP in general order takes a minimum 6 month to receive temporary residence permit (RVP). This procedure is common for citizens of visa-entry countries and for CIS countries as well.

Timeline of consideration of documents to receive RVP for citizens of visa-free countries

Usually we classify only CIS countries like a visa-free countries. But there are a list of countries with no membership in CIS and with visa-free entry to Russia. Such countries are- Israel, Serbia, Korea Republic, Cuba, Brasil, and many other countries. Citizens of those counties wishing to apply for RVP should to get a special visa before they come to Russia. And timetable to receive an RVP takes not less than 4 to 6, like for citizens of visa-entry countries.


Timeline of consideration of documents for RVP of Israel citizens

Israel is also a country with visa-free entry to Russia. Timeline to obtain RVP for Israeli citizens is usually not longer than 3 months.


Additional information required during RVP obtaining


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