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Invitation for a foreigner to Russia is an official document that confirms the right of a citizen of another country to get an entry visa.


There are several ways to issue an invitation to a foreigner to Russia:

1. The most common is a tourist voucher or a tourist invitation. It is issued by a travel agency and is transmitted to the consulate by fax or e-mail. Each document is given a sequential number, which is easy to trace.

2. The next option is to execute the invitation on the Ministry of Interior's OMD form. Such invitation to Russia is suitable for subsequent receipt of commercial, training, and working entry documents. If third parties and companies apply for a voucher (invitation), they must be accredited by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

3. State structures and local authorities may receive an invitation for a foreigner to Russia by applying to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The document typed on the computer is sent there by telex. Either the form of the authority (organization) itself is used.


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