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Obtaining Russian Citizenship by birth this is simplified procedure for foreign citizens who were born in Russia and in RSFSR.

Price of obtaining Russian Citizenship by birth

Terms for obtaining Russian citizenship by birth

Obtaining Russian Citizenship by birth is a procedure with a shortest terms for becoming a Russian citizen. An applicant may submit documents immediately after obtaining a residence permit. This procedure excludes obtaining of RVP (Temporary residence permit).

Procedure for obtaining Russian Citizenship by birth.

Obtaining Russian Citizenship by birth is a simplified procedure, and nevertheless, this process consists of 3 stages. According to the first stage of obtaining Russian Citizenship, a foreign citizen receives a Temporary Residence Permit (RVP), the second mandatory stage of this process is obtaining a Residence Permit (residence permit). After receiving residence permit by birth, the foreigner can apply for citizenship at once. 

Documents for citizenship of Russia by birth.

All foreigners who are applying for citizenship by birth have to provide official birth certificate issued in RSFSR or in Russian Federation.

Born in the RSFSR or in Russian Federation, no matter what state they are citizens of, are required to provide a birth certificate issued by a competent institution in Russia or the RSFSR. The birth certificate is a main document for applying for citizenship by birth.

Exceptions in obtaining Russian Citizenship by birth.

There is a category of foreign citizens who are exceptions. They were also born in Russia or in the former RSFSR, but have birth reports instead of birth certificates. These foreign citizens are not entitled to apply for Russian citizenship. Usually such of documents are issued for those whose parents do not have legal registration in Russia or illegally stay in Russia. 

Where can I apply for Russian Citizenship by birth?

To apply for citizenship of Russia by birth have in local department of Migration of Ministry of Internal Affairs by the place of stay. In Moscow, documents can be submitted in Sakharovo village in International Migration Center by an advance appointment.

The procedure of obtaining for citizenship by birth is simplified, but at the same time contains a huge number of unpleasant surprises. Please contact our lawyers by tel. +7 4959723011 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



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