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Do you have a number of questions about getting temporary residence in Russia (RVP) by marriage in 2024? Do you need assistance in obtaining a RVP by marriage with a Russian citizen? We will provide full support and preparation of documents for obtaining a RVP for marriage with Russian citizen in Moscow and the Moscow region (MO).

The price of obtaining a RVP by marriage in 2024

If we compare all the processes of legalization of a foreign citizen in 2024 with each other, marriage to a Russian citizen is the most reliable and quickest solution to the issue of obtaining Russian citizenship, provided that there are no other more compelling reasons. Establishing a family in another country automatically gives rights and protection to a foreign citizen from a foreign country where he or she enters into marriage. Receiving RVP by marriage is the first stage of obtaining Russian Citizenship by marriage. This procedure belongs to the category of simplified obtaining of Russian Citizenship; accordingly, a foreigner may become a citizen within a shorter period of time than by going through the procedure of obtaining RVP under the general procedure - within 3 years.

Terms of obtaining the RVP by marriage in 2024

Obtaining a RVP by marriage is a simplified procedure to get Russian citizenship in the future, but it does not affect the timing of consideration of the RVP itself. From the moment of submission of documents for obtaining RVP by marriage, the terms of consideration before obtaining RVP are from 2 to 6 months, depending on the citizenship of the applicant. CIS citizens, who receive a RVP by marriage, are considered within a faster time frame 2-3 months; for citizens of non CIS countries documents considered within 4-6 months.

Documents for obtaining a RVP by marriage

To begin a process for obtaining RVP, a foreign citizen must collect all necessary documents and enter into a legal marriage with a citizen of the Russian Federation. Marriage can be made in Russia or abroad. But it should be kept in mind that not every civil registry office is engaged in the registration of marriages with foreign citizens. For example, there are only two civil registries in Moscow, where by appointment you can conclude a union with a foreign citizen. To obtain the RVP by marriage, the main document to submit documents will be Marriage Certificate, issued in Russia or abroad. Documents issued abroad must be translated into Russian and certified by a notary; in some cases, it must be apostilled.
Under international law, in order to marry a foreign citizen, a foreigner must provide a certificate of marital status from his home country, which proves that he is not currently married in his home country. The list of other documents is completely similar to the documents for obtaining  RVP on other grounds.

Where can I submit documents for obtaining a RVP by marriage?

A foreign national can submit documents for Temporary permit in Russia (RVP) by marriage at the specially authorized migration department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs by the place of his registration. In Moscow it is Multifunctional Migration Center Sakharovo. In Moscow region this is done by district departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Before submitting documents, a foreign citizen must stand in line and receive an appointment to Migration Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs. On the appointed day it will be necessary to appear on submission of documents.

Additional information for those who apply for RVP by marriage

Obtaining RVP by marriage is a complex and time-consuming process of collecting and submitting documents. Our lawyers are ready to take most of the work, and make the process of obtaining RVP by marriage easy and enjoyable.
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