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There is a simplified procedure of obtaining Russian citizenship for stateless foreigners and aliens of Latvia and Estonia.
It is not a secret that at the current development of society, there are some categories of foreigners who do not belong to any nation in the world. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, there appeared the concept of persons without citizenship - stateless persons and persons called aliens.


The price for obtaining Russian citizenship for aliens


Who aliens are?

There was no open conflict in the Baltic States of former USSR, but even this quiet part of the former Soviet Union had some confrontations. Aliens of Latvia and Estonia is another category of persons without citizenship. Stateless persons of Latvia and Estonia appeared due to the national policy pursued in these republics. This category of people who came to Estonia and Latvia after 1940, as well as their descendants already born in LSSR and in independent Latvia. They did not become citizens of these countries, even being born in Latvia and Estonia, only because their ancestors did not live there until 1940. The Latvian non-citizen's passport itself is also very interesting thing. Instead of word citizen, there is an inscription in English called ALIAN PASSPORT. But even "aliens" have a chance to get Latvian and Estonian citizenship. To do so, they need to go through a naturalization process - to prove their loyalty to the state and pass an exam in the state language and history. In addition, they are tested on knowledge of local culture and traditions, and only then they can become citizens of Latvia or Estonia.


Russian Benefits for Non-Baltic Citizens

Since the development of Russian Federation in 1991, Russia issued loyal for aliens migration law. Non-citizens of Latvia and Estonia may obtain Russian citizenship at the Russian consulate in an accelerated, simplified mode, within a 6 months from the date of submission of documents. The procedure consists of signing the application. Proof of knowledge of Russian language in this case is not required. This category of foreigners is the most advantageous in obtaining Russian Citizenship. All that is required from an applicant is to apply to the consular department, fill in an application and submit the required documents. The certificate of criminal records is required, accordingly if the candidate was once convicted, he will not be able to apply for Citizenship of the Russian Federation.


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