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Temporary Resident Permit (RVP)

RVP (Temporary Residence Permit) is the official acquisition of rights by a foreign citizen or stateless person to temporarily reside and work in Russian Federation until the obtaining Permanent Residence Permit. RVP is a temporary residence permit in Russia, which is issued like a stamp in foreign citizen's passport. A Temporary Residence Permit (RVP) is issued to foreign citizens for a period of three years within the quota approved by the Russian Government or without it.

Legal assistance in obtaining a Temporary Residence Permit is desirable and necessary. Obtaining a Temporary Residence Permit (RVP) is the main and key step in the process of obtaining Russian citizenship. Our lawyers provide comprehensive legal assistance in obtaining RVP in Moscow, Moscow Region (MO), Tver Region. The intricacies of migration legislation can often be understood only by an experienced lawyer who has a long experience in working with the Migration department of Ministry of Internal Affairs and knows all migration procedures. Legal assistance in formalizing RVP in Moscow and in Moscow region, provided by our lawyers, consists not only in the competent execution of all necessary documents, but also in overcoming all obstacles and pitfalls that arise in the process of formalizing and obtaining this status. We guarantee the receipt of RVP in Moscow and in Moscow region and comprehensive assistance at all stages of the process, informing the client in advance of the necessary actions on the each part. Working with the lawyer of "Vorota Goroda" company, you avoid long queues to the offices and late submission of documents to migration officials in Moscow and in Moscow region.

 Price of obtaining RVP in Moscow, Moscow Region, Tver Region

Obtaining of RVP (Temporary Residence Permits).

A temporary residence permit (RVP) is issued within two to four months, depending on the applicant's citizenship:

  • Filing an application form in the territorial office of the Migration Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs.
  • Filing an application form in Russian consular office in the state of residence of foreign citizen

When considering an application from a foreigner for the extradition of a RVP, the local office of the Migration Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs sends requests to the following authorities: the security authorities

  • Bailiff service
  • Tax authorities
  • Social welfare authorities
  • Health authorities
  • Migration authority
  • Other bodies concerned

Within two months, from the date of registration of the request, the above mentioned instances give an opinion on the presence or absence of circumstances that prevent the issuance of RVP (Temporary Residence Permit) in Moscow and Moscow region. In case of refusal, the foreign citizen has the right not earlier than in one year from the date of application rejection to re-submit in the same order an application for receiving permission for Temporary Residency (RVP)

Obtaining of RVP (Temporary Residence Permit) in Moscow and Moscow region is based on the quota received or in the privileged order described below, as  RVP without a quota. Without a quota, a RVP may be issued to foreign citizens in the following cases:

Also from 1 January 2015, according to the legislation that came into force, an applicant for a RVP (Temporary Residence Permit) must obtain a certificate of Russian language, history and Constitution knowledge. The examination can be taken at any institution accredited by the Migration Directorate of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs as in Russia and abroad. You can receive this certificate within 5-10 days, from the moment you passed the exam. 


Terms of receipt of RVP in Moscow, Moscow Region, Tver Region.

The terms to receive RVP in Moscow, Moscow are 4 months.
You can read more about the terms of obtaining RVP on the page of this website dedicated to the RVP terms.


By contacting us, you get the following help:

Contacting us, you receive support and qualified assistance by professionals who are ready to help in any difficult situation  in obtaining a temporary residence permit.

  • Make an appointment for your application and escort service to migration service
  • Free consultations and legal assistance for receiving RVP in Moscow, Moscow Region
  • Assistance in preparing the applicant for the quota commission in Moscow and Moscow Region, Tver Region
  • Preparing a set of documents required for obtaining of RVP in Moscow, Moscow Region
  • We will prepare translation of your documents
  • We will provide assistance in passing the medical commission tests out of line.
  • We will get the results of the medical examination.
  • We fill up RVP application form
  • We will provide assistance in submitting the collected package of documents to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for verification.
  • We will provide assistance and escort to submit documents for RVP in Moscow, Moscow Region.
  • We organize the submission of documents in Moscow at the Migration Center Saharovo and an other migration centers of Moscow region.
  • We will provide reports on the passage of documents through the inspection bodies, by submitting reports on the progress of consideration.
  • We will provide assistance and support in passing the necessary dactyloscopy procedure (fingerprints).
  • We will provide assistance and receipt of RVP in Moscow, Moscow region.
  • We will provide assistance in preparing documents for the annual notification of RVP.
  • We will provide further assistance and accompaniment after receiving the RVP.

Assistance for CIS citizens:

  • We will provide assistance in obtaining TIN and support in Tax office.
  • We'll help you apply to the Federal Tax Service.
  • We will assist in obtaining the necessary certificate, registration, out of line.
  • We will provide assistance in submitting a notification to migration service.

Assistance in obtaining an temporary stay visa (visa RVP)

  • We will provide assistance in preparing documents, filling out the questionnaire for temporary stay visa, pay visa state fee.
  • We organize the submission of documents for obtaining a visa in the migration service.
  • We arrange an obtaining for 3-year multi-entry visa for a temporary resident.

Assistance and obtaining registration at the place of residence Temporarily residing in Moscow, Moscow Region, Tver Region:

  • We will provide assistance and prepare all necessary documents for obtaining RVP registration in Moscow, Moscow region.
  • We will provide assistance with escort and mandatory notification to the competent authorities after receiving registration at the place of residence.


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