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Russian Citizenship by marriage is the fast and most reliable procedure for obtaining Russian Citizenship if the foreign citizen has no other grounds to get it . It is possible to legalize your residence in Russia by marriage with Russian citizen. Obtaining Russian Citizenship by marriage also refers to the simplified procedure of obtaining citizenship. It is a common legalization procedure for foreign citizens wishing to start their life in Russia.

Price of obtaining Russian Citizenship by Marriage

Obtaining Russian Citizenship by marriage in 2024. Features

The main feature of obtaining Russian citizenship by marriage is a a short period of time. 

Deadlines for obtaining Russian Citizenship by marriage in 2024.

Unlike other simplified procedures for obtaining Russian citizenship, obtaining Russian citizenship by marriage consists of 3 stages. After marriage, a foreign citizen submits documents for obtaining Temporary residence permit (RVP) This is a first stage of obtaining Russian Citizenship is called RVP by marriage. Then, having received the RVP and having lived there for 6 months, the foreign citizen can apply for a residence permit in Russia. The final third stage will be obtaining Russian Citizenship. Submit documents for Russian Citizenship by marriage, you can immediately since received a residence permit, after 3 years of marriage.


Documents for Citizenship in Russia by marriage in 2024.

The main document for obtaining Russian Citizenship by marriage is a certificate of marriage with a Russian citizen. It does not matter by what state it is issued. The most important that an official document is issued by an authorized organization. Depending on the country of issue, the marriage certificate have to be translated and certified by a notary, or apostilled as well.

Where can I apply for Russian Citizenship by Marriage?

To apply for citizenship by marriage in 2024 is necessary in regional offices of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. Consular missions and embassies do not consider applications for Russian citizenship by marriage. All registrations takes place on the spot, within the Russian Federation, at the place of registration by residence permit.

In the process of obtaining Russian citizenship, a foreign citizen sooner or later faces a huge number of difficulties. In this case is better to turn to lawyers who are ready to provide quick solutions relevant in 2024. You save your time and money by applying by Vorota Goroda company. We work fast, overcoming any difficulties of migration character. Make an appointment with us  calling us +7 495 9723011 and we are waiting for you in our office. 


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