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The Russian law provides a right to get citizenship by parents. Children of Russian citizens have the right to obtain Citizenship of the Russian Federation by their parents. The Law of Citizenship regulates this process as a simplified procedure for obtaining Russian Citizenship. This procedure applies to minors and incapacitated applicants.

Price of obtaining Russian Citizenship by Parents

The obtaining of Russian Citizenship by parents is a quick and simplified procedure to get Russian Citizenship. This simplified procedure provides an applying without the first and second stages of obtaining Citizenship (without RVP and residence permit), the applicant has the right to submit documents immediately to the 3rd stage - and submits documents for obtaining Russian Citizenship. In addition to the fact that the registration of citizenship of the Russian Federation by parents is the easiest way to obtain citizenship of the Russian Federation, minor applicants can also have dual citizenship by the second parent. Even those countries that prohibit dual citizenship with Russia allow their underage citizens to have dual citizenship until their 25-th birthday. They give a young person the right to make a choice and decide on his or her citizenship in the future. The Russian Citizenship law allows minors to retain their second citizenship even after they have reached the age of majority.


Obtaining Russian citizenship for minors in Russia

The acquisition of Russian citizenship by parents for minors may take place by one of the parents. When a child is born, the applicant, i.e. one of the parents of the child, files a birth certificate at the place of his or her own registration, where the migration service inspector puts a stamp about the citizenship. This procedure takes a maximum an one week and a child becomes a Russian citizen from this moment. This is the easiest and painless procedure to obtain Russian citizenship. In this case, you do not waste your time in queues with government agencies, proving your right to obtain Russian citizenship.


Obtaining Russian Citizenship for minors abroad

Obtaining Russian Citizenship for minors, provided that the family lives abroad and one of the parents is a Russian citizen, is also possible through a Russian consular office abroad. In this case, one of the parents, who is a citizen of the Russian Federation, has the right to apply for citizenship of his newborn child. The procedure is also of a notification nature. In this case, the child is issued a foreign passport of the Russian Federation at a foreign consulate of the Russian Federation and, as a new citizen of the Russian Federation, he or she is registered with the consular office, as well as the parents.


Obtaining Russian Citizenship for foreign minors

Foreign minors, at least one parent of whom has Citizenship of the Russian Federation, may also apply for Citizenship of the Russian Federation in the fast and privileged manner. Registration in this case takes 3 months. In the process of registration of Citizenship of the Russian Federation for a minor foreign citizen, the documents of the second parent - citizen of the foreign state, in some cases, his consent to the child's entry into Citizenship of the Russian Federation will be required.


Getting Russian Citizenship for adult foreign citizens

Adults of foreign nationality also have the right to receive Russian citizenship by their parents. If at least one of the parents is a citizen of the Russian Federation. Citizenship of the Russian Federation is obtained through the registration of the PNR and residence permit and may take slightly more than a year. The birth certificate proving direct kinship with a foreign citizen will serve as the main document in the process of obtaining Russian Citizenship. All letters in the surname, name and patronymic (if any) must match in all documents, otherwise it will be necessary to make requests to archives, Zags and other structures that can provide certificates of kinship. When submitting documents for Russian citizenship, the applicant should bear in mind that if the state of which he is a citizen at the time of applying for Russian citizenship prohibits having dual or second citizenship with Russia, he will eventually be deprived of his citizenship. The Russian Migration Service has an agreement with the migration services of many countries. Therefore, when deciding to apply for Russian Citizenship, you should always weigh whether you should lose your citizenship of the country where you have lived most of your life.


The process of obtaining Russian Citizenship by parents

At first glance, it may seem that obtaining Russian Citizenship by parents is the simplest procedure for obtaining Russian Citizenship. However, if you apply to the Migration Service, you will understand that it is not that simple, especially if your parents are legally capable persons and there is still some time left before their pension.


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