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Annual notification by the RVP, or in other words, confirmation of residence under the RVP, a process through which all foreign nationals temporarily residing in Russia are notified of their residence in Russia each year by the migration service.


Filing price of the annual RVP Notification

Download the 2024 form (download) Since 2024, the Migration Service has received new notification forms that include the Migration Directorate of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, rather than the abolished FMS service.


Where is the annual notification of the RVP delivered?

Confirmation of residence under the RVP and the submission of the notification takes place in the district migration offices of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, at the place of registration and residence.


How is it possible to submit an annual residence notification in accordance with the RVP?

The RVP Notification is given by a foreign citizen in person. The notification form is filled in and documents are attached that confirm what funds the foreign citizen has used to live in Russia during the past year. Documents confirming residence in Russia may be - certificates from work 2 personal income tax, or a certificate from the bank on the availability of funds. In both listed cases, the amounts indicated in the certificates should not be less than the minimum subsistence level. In each individual region, the minimum subsistence level is set independently, at the discretion of the authorities, so we do not specify it, in addition, it changes periodically..


When are the RVP notified?

The RVP notices are submitted annually during the 13th and 14th months. i.e., from the time of receipt of the RVP after 12 months, the period of the following 2 months is exactly the time to submit the residence notification.


What information is specified in the RVP notification?

The Migration Officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs considers the annual notification as a source of information in order to identify violations that a foreign citizen may have committed during his year of residence in Russia. Thanks to the notification, the officer of the Migration Service establishes the period of a foreign citizen's stay outside Russia (no more than 6 months per year), as well as identifies the means on which the foreign citizen has been living on Russian territory during the year.

What threatens a foreign citizen who fails to submit a notice to the RPMU on time?
Failure to submit a notice to the RVP in due time is a serious offense under Article 18.8 of the Russian Code of Administrative Offences. A fine of 5,000 roubles and expulsion from Russia within 10 days is envisaged for this offence. Depending on the region, administrative prosecution may also be established in a milder form. The strictest penalties for offenders are in Moscow, the Moscow region, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.


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If you find that you have not submitted your annual notification to the RVP in due time, we recommend you not to take any action yourself, but to seek specialist advice. Unexpected nuances about which you do not know, may pop up years later, when applying for a residence permit or citizenship of Russia. Our experts will be able to help you in such a delicate matter as in time not handed over notice of residence on the RVP, and try to most comfortably resolve this situation at the legal level, protecting your interests. You can apply to the company "City Gate" pre-register to our specialist by phone +7 495 9723011.


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