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Obtaining a permanent residence permit  

Residency or residence permit is a legal right of a foreign citizen to reside to Russia permanently, move freely and travel outside Russia. The residence permit confirms the owner of the following rights:

Receiving a residence permit (residence permit) gives the right for permanent residence to Russia
Receiving a residence permit (residence permit) entitles you to enter Russia freely or to leave the country without visa or additional permit documents.
Receiving a residence permit (residence permit) allows you to work in any region of Russian Federation.
Receiving a residence permit in Russia is the second step towards in obtaining Russian citizenship.

The owner of a residency in Russia may be a foreign citizen or a person who does not have Russian citizenship but is a citizen of another state. Now a residence permit is issued perpetually and can be obtained in any region of the Russian Federation.

Until 2024 residence permit (residence permit) was issued for 5 years with further extension. Starting from 2024 residence permit is issued perpetually. Previously issued documents can be extended for an permanent period.

Grounds for obtaining permanent residence permit (permanent residence permit):

Terms of obtaining a permanent residence permit in 2024 in Moscow, Moscow Region:

Timeline of receiving residence permit in 2024

- Timeline of receiving residence permit within 4 months from the date of acceptance an application for a residence permit, for foreign nationals who apply for a residence permit by RVP (temporary resident permit);

- Receiving a residence permit within 3 months from the date of submission of documents for a residence permit on the basis of VKS (highly qualified specialist), also for citizens of the Republic of Belarus;

- Receiving a residence permit within 2 months for the participants of the resettlement program of compatriots, native Russian speakers programm (NRS);

- Receiving a residence permit within 15 days from the date of application, from citizens who have renounced their citizenship of the Russian Federation, or became a political asylum in Russia.

In 2024 the timeline of receiving residence permit in Moscow and Moscow region, from the moment of documents submission till the moment of residence permit receiving, is 4 months. For another privileged category of foreign citizens, such as citizens of the Republic of Belarus, or citizens applying as native russian speakers, the period of residence permit issuance may be shorter and is 2-3 months. Foreign nationals applying for a residence permit in Moscow and in the Moscow region in the general order, should expect that the period of producing their documents for a residence permit will be at least 6 months

What rights you get having a permanent residence permit in Russia? 

Having a residence permit in Russia is an opportunity to legally stay, work and travel around the Russian Federation. But besides that, the Residence Permit gives you such opportunities as exchange of your national driving license or registration of a vehicle.
Obtaining a residence permit gives you the right to change the region of residence, simply by notifying the local authorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, upon arrival in another region. Obtaining a residence permit allows you to move freely without obtaining an entry visa, not like it was with  RVP (Temporary resident permit).

Entrepreneurs, obtaining a residence permit in Russia, have a right to register different forms of legal entities, such as IE, JSC, LLC, in any subject of the Russian Federation, from Kaliningrad to Anadyr.

Obtaining a Residence Permit in Russia enables foreign citizens to join the labor exchange, make pension contributions and receive a pension.

To compare it with RVP,  obtaining a Residence Permit in Russia, a foreign citizen is also obliged to make annual notifications on residence in the country. While residing in Russia, a foreign citizen is obliged to submit a living income certificate and filling up an application form. 

For all the above described advantages of a residence permit over a temporary residence permit, Russian citizens have more rights than a foreign citizen living with residence permit. A residence permit is an intermediate step in obtaining Russian citizenship. Having received a residence permit, a foreign citizen still has no right to vote, unlike Russian citizens. Getting a residence permit does not allow foreign citizens to hold government service, work in the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defense. When a foreign citizen receives a residence permit, he still has obligations that he must systematically comply with an order not to violate the migration regime. Once a foreign citizen has received a residence permit in the Russian Federation, he or she must notify the migration authorities once a year and confirm his or her residence in the territory of the Russian Federation by submitting 2 personal income tax certificates or bank certificates on the minimum subsistence level. From the moment of receipt, the residence permit must be extended every 5 years. The prolongation procedure itself is easier than obtaining a residence permit, but nevertheless it is necessary to undergo a medical examination, fill out an application, and submit annual notifications.

Price of obtaining (permanent residence permit) permanent residence permit in Moscow, Moscow region

Since 2024 the following categories of foreign nationals are entitled to a permanent residence permit on a preferential basis, without the procedure for obtaining a temporary residence permit (RVP): 

  • Parents on the basis of children who are citizens of the Russian Federation
  • Children whose parents already have permanent residence permit
  • If the applicant is a pensioner or disabled person, and his or her children are legally capable citizens of the Russian Federation.
  • Adults on the basis of parents, which are citizens of the Russian Federation
  • If the applicant's place of birth is RSFSR or Russian Federation
  • Native Russian speakers
  • Highly qualified specialists (VKS)
  • Citizens of Belarus

Residence permit in Russia for Latvian citizens, as well as permanent residence permit for non-citizens of Latvia.

Residence permit in Russia for citizens of Latvia - scheme for obtaining a permanent residence permit is designed for some categories of citizens and non-citizens (aliens) of Latvia. Aliens and citizens of Latvia by their status are absolutely different categories of residents not only in their country but also abroad. They have different rights. Obtaining a permanent residence permit in Russia for Latvian citizens may be done in general order, as well as in a simplified order, depending on the grounds of the applicant.  More detailed information of obtaining permanent residence permit in Russia for citizens of Latvia, as well as for aliens of Latvia, you can get in our office.

When the holder of RVP (Temporary residency)  does't have a right to obtain a permanent residence permit?

The holder of a permanent residence permit is not entitled to apply for a permanent residence permit, if the document will be expired in less than 4 months. For some reasons, foreign citizens are forced to cancel their RVP. In this case obtaining of permanent residence permit is also impossible.

Use service of our company in obtaining a permanent residence permit in Russia you will avoid:

* Unreasonable waste of time standing in lines at the offices in migration service.
* You don't have to fill up application forms and worry about the accuracy of your documents.
* We work with you till the end of result.
* You get a guarantee that your permanent residence permit in Russian Federation will be issued exactly at time

The beginning of work our lawyers start with an analysis of your documents and the legality of applying for a permanent residence permit in Russia. Application for a permanent residence permit is filled up by our lawyer,  taking into account today laws and all rules and nuances of the territorial Migration Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, where the documents will be submitted.  We accompany the client to the final result - until the Russian citizen's passport if needed.

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