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A way to get Temporary Residence Permit In Russia

Temporary Residence Permit (TRPE) By Education In Russia

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Temporary residence
permit By Education

Temporary residence permit by education is a great opportunity that has appeared for foreign students studying in Russia since this year.

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- The temporary residence permit in Russia allows foreign students to enter and leave the country without registration.

- (TRPE) entitles foreign students to work legally within the region where they receive it.

- The residence permit entitles foreign students to obtain a visa for the entire period of study + an additional half a year.

- The residence permit entitles foreign students to obtain a residence permit after obtaining a diploma

- The residence permit gives the right to receive free medical care and an MHI policy.

Any full-time foreign student studying in a state higher education institution or a private licensed and accredited educational institution, receiving a degree: Bachelor, Specialist, Master, Resident, Postgraduate or on an assistantship training can get a residence permit.

Like a regular Temporary Residence Permit, the residence permit is valid only in the region where the temporary residence permit was obtained. For example, if a temporary residence permit was issued in the Moscow region, it will not be possible to work on its basis in Moscow. Also, a student who has received this status should be afraid of administrative fines. If there are 2 fines, the residence permit will be canceled. Before obtaining a residence permit a foreign student must undergo a medical examination for infectious diseases and narcotic substances. If any of these are present, the residence permit will not be issued. As described above, a foreign student with a residence permit has the right to work, but only in the region where he/she obtained the permit. A work contract under a residence permit is concluded strictly not longer than the period of validity of the residence permit.

The documents for obtaining a (TRPE) are the same as for obtaining a residence permit, but since the basis is studying at a higher education institution, the student must provide documents from the higher education institution proving that he/she is a student.

If you are a full-time student of a Russian university and wish to obtain a residence permit for a more comfortable stay in Russia, our company will provide you with services in obtaining a residence permit, prepare a package of documents, including translations and notarizations, and provide support to the migration service. If you have any questions, please call



You pay the cost of services in parts: half of the amount at the conclusion of the contract, the other half after we do the work and prepare all the necessary documents for you.

Online Preparation of all documents for temporary residence

When you pay for this service, we will be in contact all time with you. We send you all the documents by certified mail and email. We make the process much easier for you from the comfort of your home. You pay one half when you contract the service. The other half you pay when you have seen your documents done and they are ready to be sent by us. We will give you a tracking number. The mail is insured.

Temporary Residence

₽17900 / 3 days 

(minimum 72 hours)

Included in this price

  • Gathering and preparing all documents
  • Filling out the application forms
  • Translation of a certificate of criminal record
  • Translation of all pages of a foreign citizen's passport certified by a notary
  • Instructions on how to take photos correctly
  • List of all the documents required to submit the application for temporary residency.

    X- Help to get medical checkup. Only Recommendations of where to get it. 

    X- Help to get Russian language test. Only Recommendations of where to get it.

In-person service

Full help in obtaining Temporary residence permit.


  • What is included in the service:
  • -Gathering and preparing all documents.
  • -Filling out an application forms.
  • -Legal Translation of all pages of a foreign citizen's passport.
  • -Translation of a certificate of criminal record.
  • -Assistance in getting the medical certificates fast and easy.
  • -Assistance and help in obtaining the valid Russian language certificate.
  • -We make sure that nothing is missing.
  • Additional services, if necessary:
  • Legal assistant accompanying you when you file the application

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