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Migration and migration services have taken their stable place in legal services in recent years. Since 2010 we have been providing a full range of migration services for foreign citizens and for foreign companies operating in Russia.

Obtaining Russian Citizenship

Obtaining Russian Citizenship for Native Russian Speakers 

Obtaining citizenship of Russian Federation by parents 

Obtaining Russian citizenship by children 

Obtaining Russian Citizenship by marriage

Obtaining Russian Citizenship by birth 

Russian Citizenship for aliens

Dual Citizenship

Renunciation of Russian citizenship

Citizenship application form 

The price for obtaining Russian citizenship


Residence permit

Residence permit in general order

Residence permit for a child

Residence permit for VKS (highly qualified specialists)

Residence permit for Native Russian Speakers

Residence permit by birth

Residence permit by parents

Residence permit by children

Application form for residence permit

After obtaining a residence permit

Extension of residence permit

Notification of residence permit

Residence permit documents

Price of residence permit


Obtaining a Temporary Resident Permit (Temporary Resident Permit)

Obtaining PRTR in the general order

Getting a PWA by marriage

Quota on PSC/PSC without quota

PRTR application

PWP visa

Recruitment agreement for the receipt of PSC

Getting a PMF feed coupon

PRTR documents

PMD notification

Due dates for receipt of PRTR

After receiving the PRSP.

Cancellation of PRTR

PWP price


Invitation for a visa to Russia. Visa to Russia


Ban on entry into Russia

Lifting the ban on entry into Russia

Lifting the ban on entry at the airport

The price to lift the entry ban


Work permit for VCNS

Work patent

Temporary registration



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