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A temporary stay visa, or otherwise visa RVP, is issued to foreign citizens of visa countries, after receiving  RVP, at the place of registration.

Price for obtaining RVP visa

After receiving a Temporary Residence Permit, a foreign citizen must obtain visa to leave Russia. An visa of a temporary stay is a multiple-entry visa and is issued for the period of validity of the Temporary Residence Permit - for 3 years.

There are countries of exception, whose citizens do not need a visa once they got RVP. Thanks to intergovernmental agreements with some countries. An agreement has been signed at the bilateral level to exclude the process of obtaining visa for temporary residents.

Such countries include six Balkan countries: Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia.


Three Schengen countries: Germany, Italy, Poland

Since recently, the RVP visa is not needed again for Turkish citizens. The situation with this country has changed several times in the last 3 years and now the RVP visa has been cancelled for them again.

Receiving a temporary residence visa

A temporary stay visa (RVP visa) is obtained in migration service within 21 days after the RVP is obtained. You will need to provide copies of documents and fill out applications for a Temporary Resident Visa.


Application form for RVP visa

You can download this form on our website.

RVP visa application form (download)

RVP visa options.

In practice, there are two options for obtaining a temporary residence visa.

If  RVP was issued in the country of residence, through the consular section of the Russian Embassy, after making a decision, the foreign citizen receives a single entry visa to the Russian Federation, which upon arrival in Russia is replaced by a multiple entry RVP visa.
If  RVP was obtained in Russia, the RVP visa is issued at the place of registration.
Additional information for those receiving RVP in general order


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