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Cancellation of the RVP (Temporary Residence Permits) procedure common in 2024. Cancellation of RVP can be carried out not only on a compulsory but also on a voluntary basis, upon personal report of an applicant.

The price for cancellation of RVP

Cancellation of RVP is carried out by decision of the Migration Service, Federal Tax Service, Federal Security Service, Ministry of Health. There are many reasons why foreigners can be deprived of their RVP, but the most common in 2024 and 2024, are precisely because of violations of their stay in Russia.

Cancellation of the RVP because of registration - registration under the RVP differs from the place of actual residence or in other words, fake registration. This is a serious offense, which entails cancellation of the RVP with or without a cancel on entry into the Russian Federation. The seriousness of this offense and subsequent troubles threaten not only the foreign citizen, who illegally lived at another address, but also the owner of the housing, who made a fictitious registration of the foreign citizen for profit. The foreign citizen threatens to be deprived of the RVP and expelled from Russia, and the owner of the dwelling is subject to a large fine and criminal prosecution under Articles 322.2 and 322.3 of the RF Criminal Code.

- Cancellation of the RVP due to work outside the region of residence. A temporary residence permit (RVP) temporarily restricts a foreign citizen's rights to move to another region for living and for work in another region until he obtains permanent residence permit. This offence is also punishable by annulment of the Temporary Residence Permit (RVP) with or without a subsequent cancellation on entry into the Russian Federation.

- The annulment of the RVP due to two or more administrative offences. The law says that the cancellation of an alien's residence permit occurs if a foreign national has more than two violations in migration within a year. But the practice, which began in 2018 and continues in 2024, suggests that any administrative violations entail the removal of the RVP and its subsequent expulsion, which threatens long procedures to lift the ban on entry into the Russian Federation.

The cancellation of RVP by personal report is rather forced. Such a process is resorted to by a foreign citizen, if there is a certain need, when it may be a more expedited option of obtaining Russian citizenship, a simplified residence permit or the need to obtain a work permit to work in another region or other circumstances of arrival in Russia.

Additional information about RVP 

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