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A court dispute and, eventually, representation in court, something that many of us suddenly face in our daily lives. A quiet family life begins with loud divorces, or a successful company ends with an arbitration court. Representation in court or judicial representation, a term that came into being, if not with the advent of humanity, with the advent of the first civilization. Since Socrates, court representation has become common practice for self-respecting citizens. Disputes are something that has always pushed people to court practice. History and time show that the one who has better representation in court is right. Litigation is very similar to medical practice, in terms of risks, timing and responsibility, and in the end results - when you can lose everything. Both activities require the assistance of experienced lawyers. Many of you know in practice how self-treatment ends. In the same way as in a court dispute - in court it is better to argue, under the protection of strong professionals.

It is no secret that court disputes is a disease of the 21st century. Morality and society are changing, and so are foundations. Even some 10 years ago to write a lawsuit for a neighbor who took away from you 20 cm of your land fence, was a rarity, then in our time, even family court disputes are not a rarity, and are quite normal. Family law and modern legislative system of Russia and the morality of modern society, creates a lot of precedents for the creation of family court disputes. Whatever role you play in your court dispute, as a client of our company, you will always feel a special attitude and care for you. Accompanied by our lawyers representing You in court, You can always feel confident and calm.


Our assistance in court

We provide assistance in court to protect the rights of citizens and organizations - provide representation in court on:

- civil cases,
- for damages,
- moral harm, consumer protection,
- in an accident
- divorce proceedings

Individually, and taking into account the requirements of the legislation, we prepare procedural documents and represent interests in court disputes and provide representation in court, as Applicants (Claimants), and Respondents, citizens - individuals who have found themselves in a difficult life situation, provide judicial representation. On claims for damages, and the recovery of moral damages, we prepare the documents and, if necessary, appoint an independent forensic examination.

For all types of services, in our company there is a positive judicial practice, extensive experience of participation in judicial proceedings and representation in court of interests of the client, allows us to develop and select the best way to protect the rights of the Customer, both at the judicial stage, and in the order of pre-trial settlement of the dispute.


Types of legal services:

- Negotiation, preparation and delivery of claims and requirements to the Debtors.
- Pre-trial settlement of a dispute, - is an obligatory stage before / when applying to the court.
- Preparation of procedural documents, - statements of claim, appeals, cassation complaints, applications for the claim of evidence, court requests.
- Participation in court sessions, - is a stage of increased complexity, because it is in the judicial process, and in the course of sessions, the court establishes the true circumstances, and the reasons for the emergence of a judicial dispute, and what actions to resolve the conflict took the Claimant (paragraph 1 of the Negotiations) and depends on what the result of the decision will make the court. The presence of references to laws in the statement of claim does not guarantee 100% proper protection of rights.
- The procedure of appeal of judicial acts, - preparation of appeal, cassation complaints on contest of illegal decisions.
- Executive manufacture, - reception and presentation of writs of execution in service of bailiffs, control of execution by bailiffs of terms on recovery from the debtor of money resources.


The cost of services

The cost of services in one case or another is calculated by the lawyer based on time costs and other factors that will have to face in the process of work. Before naming specific figures, the professional is acquainted with the materials of the case, and then calls the price of his work.
So that we can answer a question about the cost of services, you can contact us by phone.
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