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Migration services for Foreign citizens in Russia

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Migration Lawyer assistance for work, residence permit, citizenship.

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Company Specialized In Immigration Services In Russia.

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You pay the cost of services in parts: half of the amount at the conclusion of the contract, the other half after we do the work and prepare all the necessary documents for you.

Our specialties most used by customers

• Obtaining Russian Citizenship

There are many ways to obtain Russian citizenship. We will analyze your case and we will take care of getting you on the right and fastest way to obtain Russian citizenship legally.

• Temporary Resident Permit Rvp

There are a number of ways to obtain permanent residence in Russia. Our specialty is to help you find the best way to get temporary residence in Russia fast.

• Permanent Residence Permit in Russia

We are the leaders in Russia in helping our clients obtain permanent residency legally and quickly. We will analyze your case and propose the best and most convenient way for you and your economy.

• Russian Citizenship by marriage

In this area we have a lot of satisfied customers. It is possible to legalize your residence in Russia by marriage with Russian citizen. Obtaining Russian Citizenship by marriage also refers to the simplified procedure.

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What Clients are Saying About us

Satisfied clients and a good reputation in the migration field is the main criteria in choosing a company

I am a US citizen and was looking for a way to obtain permanent residency in Russia. I had heard that the citizenship process can be difficult and time consuming. Luckily, I found Vorotagoroda and they helped me through the process quickly, easily, and at an affordable price. They are well worth the money!

Vorotagoroda is obtaining Russian citizenship. I am a citizen of Canada, but my wife is Russian and we want to move there. Vorotagoroda has been a great lawyer for us in the process, they are very professional, responds quickly to our emails and has made certain that we have all the documents we need to be successful.

I want to thank the Vorotagoroda agency for all the help they provided me with my visa. I´m from the UK and this has been my first time in Russia. They were able to provide me with all the necessary documents. My visa approval was granted in just 3 weeks time, so I am very happy


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